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Battioni Pagani - Multidireccional - Quadri Lift - Multidirectional Forklift Diesel LPG

AGP Equipos Especiales: Quadri Lift - Multidirectional Forklift Diesel LPG

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The QL is a three wheels diesel or LPG sideloader for indoor and outdoor applications designed for handling long goods in narrow spaces. The QL can easily move in narrow aisles and the distance between the rack rows can be reduced to minimum granting more product storage, more efficient use of available space and reduced handling costs.

The QL is equipped with electronic controlled hydrostatic transmission and operates with three steering wheels and three traction wheels. The QL can move in all directions (side–front–rotation ways) and provides excellent maneuverability to the operator. 

Technical Features


  •  Short turning radius and low loading platform
  •  Electronic controlled hydrostatic transmission
  •  Three steering wheel units controlled by a direct transmission system without chains
  •  Three orbital motors directly engaged with wheel unit crown and provide for prompt feedback and perfect synchronization while steering
  •  In-out crossed cylinders mast for fast and high precision motion 

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